neighborsStaying close to the neighbors is fun.

In the past two months or so, I had this opportunity to knock almost every door in the neighborhood and meet my neighbors. Not only I had a chance to introduce myself as a candidate, I had this opportunity to talk a lot about the issues that matter them the most. I hope to continue building this important neighborly relationship in the coming days and months.

This current blog that I started not so long ago, also opened a great window to come in touch with my neighbors. The hundreds of hits that my blog’s statistics is showing are not merely numbers, but they also signify one important thing – connectedness with my neighbors. I much appreciate everyone who took the time to visit this blog and find more about me and our neighborhood issues.

A blog like this can offer an important vehicle for the folks who have assumed public offices – and that is the matter of ‘transparency’. Too often, our elected officials make decisions on the matters of their constituencies, yet only a few of the residents know about such decisions and the reasons for making such decisions. They rarely get a chance to discuss those issues before or after such decisions are made. A blog with a discussion forum can bridge such gaps between the citizens and their elected officials.

In the coming weeks and months, I’d like to stay close to my neighbors through this blog. I hope to bring important information about our city to my neighbors and have a friendly dialogue going. And this I hope will bring them closer.

Let’s stay in touch.