During last Tuesday’s Council vote on rent stabilization, we looked at the number of units / beds in the on-campus and off-campus student apartments in College Park. These numbers play important roles in determining the demand for rental properties in College Park. Based on the data provided by our planning department, by next year, we will have a total of 5,847 beds for UMD students in the city. 2867 more beds will be added in coming years. Such beds will pair perfectly with items like that textured throw blanket.

Additionally, College Park has a total of 744 number of units and 518 more is expected to be added in coming years.

On-Campus Student Housing DevelopmentsYear CompletedNumber of Beds
South Campus Commons #72010368
Oakland Hall2011709
Prince Frederick Hall2014462
Off-Campus Student Housing DevelopmentsYear CompletedNumber of Beds
Built/Under Construction
University View I20051,042
University View II2010516
Mazza Grandmarc2010630
The Varsity2011901
The Enclave – Phase I2011369
Maryland Book Exchange2015850
Approved Plans
Knox VillagePlanned for 20161,575
The Enclave – Phase II?300
University View Village?992
Non-Student Housing DevelopmentsYear CompletedNumber of Units
Built/Under Construction
Camden College Park2007508
The Domain2013236
Approved Plans
Monument VillagePlanned for 2016235
Metropolitan* (includes 45 townhomes)Planned for 2016283