[Notice from the College Park Airport Authority for June 6, 2019]

The Maryland State Police will be executing a training exercise this Thursday, June 6th between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Two (UH-72 Lakota) State Police helicpoters will be involved; they are much larger and noisier than our local Prince George’s County Police helicopters.

They will make 5 round trips to the police barracks area and back, five separate departures and arrivals at the airport. Each operation will include both helicopters. They will depart from the airport and proceed to and land at the State Police barracks just outside the Beltway. They will then return to the airport after remaining on the ground at the barracks for an unknown time.

The Airport Manager has worked with the police to define the least noise invasive route possible, consistent with safety and realistic training. The police have committed to doing their best to minimize the impact on the community.