Spring forward

It’s that time of the year – it’s time to move your clock by one hour if you didn’t get the chance to do that last night – at 2am, I mean officially!

The time change will give you extra hour of daylight after our long day of work, but let’s not forget the risk of danger that comes with it!

Due to the lost hour of sleep, if you drive, please take extra care when getting behind the wheel tomorrow.

A 1996 study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed an eight per cent increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents on the Monday after the spring time change. Those who got injured in a vehicular accident may hire an auto accident attorney or a personal injury attorney. An auto accident or personal injury lawyer can help them seek compensation for their injuries or property damages.

Many home safety experts say syncing other activities to the time change, such as replacing smoke-detector batteries and refreshing home emergency kits, makes those safety tasks easy to schedule and remember.

Also, please note, with the time change, days will be getting warmer. This means that we’re most likely to see an uptick in crime activities. In the past month, we’ve already seen a record number of crimes happening in our part of the city. This trend will likely to continue in the coming weeks.