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Split Council Okays Gateway Park

A split council has voted to authorize the city staff to pursue a grant to fund design and building of the Hollywood Gateway Park.  3 council members voted against the proposal. Two District 1 council members took opposite sides on the park. While Patrick supproted, Chris opposed the idea of the park citing her concerns on the accessibilty issue. “It’s a waste of time,” said Councilman John Perry. “The property is zoned commercial and should be developed commercial.” – he said.

The City still needs to wait to hear if it can receive the state’s Open Space Fund grant before it can proceed with planning and construction.

“So it’s still unknown at this point when actual construction will start, or even when the design phase will start.  If the city receives the full amount for the grant, it will cover the full design of the project – whether it will cover the construction of the park depends on the design, but I believe the grant would at least cover most of it.  The design phase will involve input from the public, probably with a number of meetings to review and discuss the design, and review by both the NCPCA and the CBE” – wrote Patrick Wojahn in an email to me.

The NCPCA earlier voted to approve the concept of the park, provided the City gets back to its members during design phase of the park.

It looks like the city has taken some the suggestions given by some concerned residents. The park would include amenities such as edible plants and rain gardens to teach residents the importance of environmental friendliness per this Gazette report.


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