City Appoints Staff to Address Speed Camera Related Complaints

In compliance with the Speed Monitoring Reform Act of 2014, the City of College Park has appointed designated officials to investigate and respond to written questions or concerns about the City’s speed monitoring system program generally, to resend citations not delivered due to an administrative error, and to process administrative review of specific citations.

The City Council adopted the measure at the last Council meeting.

To report a speed camera citation you believe was issued in error, you may first call the help desk at (301) 858-6212 to expedite a review of your ticket and deletion of a ticket confirmed to be issued in error, and may use the process set out below if you are not satisfied with the results.

Should you wish to contact the City official regarding the program in general, request that a citation be resent, or if you wish to request an administrative review of the citation before the deadline for contesting the citation in court, you may send your request by email to publicservices@collegeparkmd.gov; or by mail attention Speed Enforcement, 4601 A Calvert Road, College Park, MD, 20740; or call at (240) 487-3570 for further information.

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