I know speed cameras are subjects of controversial discussions – some say they reduce speeding problems, others suspect they are often “abused” to generate revenue for the cash-strapped municipalities. Tonight, there will be a discussion on this at the City’s council meeting.

The City staff has been meeting with Optotraffic, a contractor specializing in installation of speed cameras, to find out whether we can install speed cameras in the City, and where would be best to install them.  Optotraffic has selected a number of areas with serious speeding problems – including Rhode Island Ave in north College Park, Greenbelt Road near Rhode Island Avenue, and Paint Branch Parkway near the trolley trail – where it would be willing to install speed cameras.  The city would not have to pay anything for these cameras – Optotraffic would receive money only from the revenue obtained through tickets.  This resolution would authorize the City Manager to pursue this further. 

[Source: NCP group post]