At tomorrow’s City Council meeting, the Council will discuss a proposal to establish a special taxing district to fund public safety initiatives in some designated areas of south College Park.

In determining whether to create a district, the Council must decide what project it wishes to support and define the boundaries of the area in which the project will be provided. This can include systems, facilities, services, programs, or activities. Once projects are selected, and the boundary is defined, City staff would calculate what amount of ad valorem tax would be necessary to finance the initial projects, operation, and maintenance.

Potential programs using tax district funds may include:
(a) additional contract Police patrols and pedestrian safety enforcement in the tax district;
(b) use of Police Auxiliary/Ambassadors around Purple Line/Metro stations;
(c) additional security cameras, including noise enforcement technology (pending technology development and enabling legislation);
(d) additional code officers for tax district inspections and noise enforcement;
(e) sustaining real-time security camera monitoring by UMPD (FY23 costs are $160,162.00).

[City of College Park]