Farmer's Market

Here is your chance to speak for the Farmer’s Market in north College Park.

A few weeks ago, following our initial advocacy for a farmer’s market in our area, ncp resident Kimberly Schumann started an online survey to see how many residents would be interested in such a project.

Following that, the City has put out a survey regarding farmers markets, which is more city-wide than the recent NCP/Hollywood Survey that Kimberley conducted.

City’s economic development team has been trying to determine the right direction for the Downtown Market, while also exploring the demand for another market in the City.

At this point they have received responses primarily from residents in Old Town/Calvert Hills, so they would like to see more balance from other areas of College Park.

Here is the link to the survey:

In order to support a farmer’s market in north College Park, please go to question #8, select “Other (please specify which location and why)” and type “North College Park (proximity)” or another reason why you feel strong about the market in our area.