Some City Committees May be Disbanded, Merged

At next week’s meeting, the City Council will review recommendations submitted by the Committee on Committees (COC). The City Council created the ad hoc committee, the Committee on Committees (COC) to review each of the City’s boards and committees. The COC is recommending the following changes to some of the committees:

(a) Advisory Planning Commission (APC): COC recommends including more discussions and review concerning development. Consider renaming to Advisory Planning and Variance Committee.

(b) Animal Welfare Committee (AWC): The COC recommends transitioning from a formal committee to light duty volunteer opportunities, such as dog walking, to be administered by City staff. Staff would ensure animals have cared properly and shelter is clean and up to Code.

(c) Cable TV Commission: COC recommends disbandment pending legal review of contractual ability.

(d) Citizens Corp Council: COC recommends disbandment.

(e) Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) and Tree and Landscape (TLB): COC noted some overlap with Tree and Landscape Board. Both include beautification in their mission or list of potential activities. The CBE serves as the City’s designated “Green Team,” a required component of the City’s Sustainable Maryland Certification. The TLB serves as the Tree Board, a requirement of the Tree City USA designation. COC recommends continued utilization of TLB for policy advisory purposes and commercial landscape review.

(f) Veterans Memorial Committee and Dr. MLK Tribute Committee: Consider placing both as subcommittees to the Recreation Board since one of the purposes of the Recreation Board is to create and oversee events.

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