The Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation is proposing some changes to Cherry Hill Rd close to Route 1.

The County held a virtual community meeting on Monday, July 19, 2021, regarding a proposed median option along Cherry Hill Road at the Shopping Center.

Cherry Hill Road near Baltimore Avenue (Google Inc.)

The County installed temporary large yellow flex posts to address issues related to (a)  Left turning traffic from eastbound Cherry Hill into the eastern-most College Park Market Place shopping center entrance. (b) Left turning traffic from the eastern-most College Park Market Place shopping center entrance onto eastbound Cherry Hill Road.

However, the flex posts were damaged beyond repair and were removed when SHA resurfaced the Cherry Hill Road leg of the intersection with Baltimore Avenue when the new crosswalk was installed at the intersection.

The County’s new proposal asks to install a grass median with a full-height curb where the flex posts used to stand before. At next Tuesday’s meeting, County Staff will present the median option at the October 26 City Council meeting and is requesting the City’s support.

The new proposal will also address traffic turning into and out of Autoville Drive from Cherry Hill Road.

One important topic of discussion at next Tuesday’s meeting will be about the traffic backed up on westbound Cherry Hill Road leading into the Starbucks in the College Park Market Place Shopping Center. Starbucks has been reached before to address the traffic backup issues. Starbucks is said to be exploring changes to its store that should significantly reduce and hopefully eliminate any traffic congestion in Cherry Hill due to its customers. It looks like these plans have been submitted yet to the County.