Snow and Ice Control – Please Park On The Even Side!

Snow Sign

We had our first snow of the season last night. Please note the following advisories from the Public Works in regards to parking on city streets and clearing snow during this season.

Public Works crews plow and salt City streets and parking lots to clear snow and ice. Things you can do to help include:

Move parked cars off the street so the snow plows can clear snow to the curb.

If off-street parking is not available during predicted snowstorms, park on the EVEN side of the road (EXCEPTION: if your address is odd-numbered and the area across from your house is undeveloped, park on the odd side of the street)

Clear snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of your residence. THIS INCLUDES STORMDRAINS! The City is responsible for clearing the streets; residents should work together to help keep driveways and storm drains clear.

Crews work around the clock during snow emergencies to clear the streets. Your patience is appreciated during these times.

Always plan to set your refuse and recycling carts out for your regularly scheduled day during snow events. Refuse and recycling collections may occur later in the day than normal, but you should not expect collections to be delayed until the following day.

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