After last week’s much publicized news on the stabbing of four students at the downtown’s Thirsty Turtle bar, there have been some serious discussion on any real need to keep that “freshman bar” stay open.

University Police Chief David Mitchell wants Thirsty Turtle shut down – for good. “This is unacceptable,” he said. “This must stop. I’m ready to padlock the Thirsty Turtle tonight.” – said Mr. David Mitchell, the University of Maryland’s police chief, commenting on that incident. Of the four victims in that incident, three were under the legal drinking age.

The bar is facing additional citations for serving alcohol to minors following Tuesday’s stabbing of four young men in College Park.

Even before the incident, the bar has a reputation of serving alcohol to underage students. In the past three years, the Thirsty Turtle has been slapped with $8,000 in fines for liquor code violations. According to the WTOP News, since receiving its liquor license in November 2007, the Thirsty Turtle has been fined twice for violations of county codes. Two other cases are pending against it.

The City Council voted earlier to write a letter in support of Mitchell’s letter to the liquor board.

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The next liquor board general meeting is October 26, 2010 @ 10AM.  This is an open hearing and they have several license requests to review.  At the end – sometime around 1-2PM, Chief Inspector Norma Lindsey will present the board with information relating to the knife fight a the bar. She will also present Chief Mitchell’s letter to the Commissioners at this time.  The Commissioners will decide if there is sufficient evidence for a show cause hearing.