The proposed FY 2011 budget is looking into increasing the residential parking fee from the current $5.00 to $10.00. Here is the text from the budget:

The FY2011 requested budget includes proposed increases in occupancy permit application fees ($10.00 per permit), residential parking permits (an increase from $5.00 to $10.00 per permit)

The increase is part of the city’s plan to offset an estimated $1 – 2 million revenue short falls that the city is trying to recover. The main reasons for such revenue shortfalls are mainly the loss of various taxes, such as the residential property taxes and the property taxes that the city used to get from the old Washington Post plant.

Though the hike is fairly small ($5.00), some residents question the need for  such an increase. Others argue why residents should be paying for parking permit at all. While many streets have parking zone restrictions, the city could get revenues from the fines on these streets – they argue. They want the city to look into cutting expenses in the existing programs.

The proponents of parking permit fees argue that these fees are essential to maintain a functional parking on the city’s busy residential streets, such as those close to the Metro station and the Duval field. The city needs money on such parking enforcements – they argue.

Some residents also think that the parking permit fee should be based on the number of vehicles in a household. They suggest a gradual increase of parking fee for vehicles more than a minimum number. This, as they argue, would address the parking problems on streets with houses having many vehicles, a common problem seen in many areas with rental properties.

What do you all think?