I received an email from our City manager right after midnight with this message:

“I received a call at midnight from Major Brewer informing me that one of our contract officers was first on the scene and involved in the Lakeland shooting about an hour ago. Officer is has injured hand being treated at hospital. Suspect was shot and is at hospital. I do not know the severity of gunshot wounds to suspect. Will follow up with any additional information as I receive.”

According to WTOP news, the incident happened on the 4700 block of Lakeland Road. Prince George’s County police Tweeted that one suspect was shot and transported to a local hospital but that no one else was involved. The Tweet included a photo showing a police cruiser crashed into a brick barrier near a McDonald’s.However, Twitter was flooded with reports that multiple people were involved and that one man was dead as well as a police vehicle stolen.

Campus police tell WTOP that a suspect is in custody.
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