Mr. John Webster, a consultant project engineer for the State Highway Administration (SHA), will present a status report on the Greenbelt Metro Interchange Project at tomorrow’s worksession.

The proposed improvements are 3 miles in length located along I-95/1-495 (Capital Beltway) at the Greenbelt Metro and at the MD 201 (Kenilworth A venue) interchanges. The limits are from U.S. 1 (Baltimore Avenue) interchange to the Baltimore Washington Parkway (BW Parkway) interchange.

The improvements at the Greenbelt Metro Station include a new flyover off-ramp from the Outer Loop of l-95/495 to the Greenbelt Metro Station, a new direct on-ramp from the Greenbelt Metro Station to the Inner Loop of I-95/495, realignment of the existing on-ramp from the Greenbelt Metro Station to the Outer Loop of I-95/495 and the realignment of the existing off- ramp from the Inner Loop of l-95/495 adjoining the flyover ramp ii·om the Outer Loop of I-95/495.

Other improvements included in the scope of the project include widening of I-95/495 for full auxiliary lanes between the MD 201 and US 1 along the Outer Loop and Inner Loop, an auxiliary lane on the Inner Loop from MD 201 to the BW Parkway, extension of the weave/acceleration lanes for the BW Parkway cloverleaf on-ramps to I-95/I-495, extension of 2 multi-cell box culverts for Indian Creek (a tributary to Indian Creek), the widening of the Inner Loop bridge of I -95/495 over MD 193 and the widening and superstructure replacement of Inner and Outer Loop bridges over Rhode Island A venue. Significant noise-barrier reconstruction is anticipated between U.S. 1 and Greenbelt Metro interchange along both sides of the I-95/495 and potentially a new noise barrier along the Inner Loop between Cherrywood Lane and MD 201 (at Springhill Lake Apartments).

The project about the the segment from the US 1 to Greenbelt Metro Station will cost about $53.2 million (excluding ROW) and will contain noise and retaining walls. This portion of the project will also reconstruct the I-95/495 bridges over Rhodes Island Avenue and the SHA anticipates impacts on private properties in north College Park.

I will keep you all informed as the project moves forward.