Typical section

Typical section

Representatives from the State Highway Administration came to the City Council last Tuesday night to give an update on the design work on Route 1 between College Avenue and MD 193.

Here are the highlights of that presentation on what the SHA plans to make the following changes:

  • Roadway widening along US 1
  • Two 11-foot travel lanes
  • 5-foot bike lane, including gutter pan in each direction
  • The existing five-lane section between Lakeland Road and MD 193 will be converted to a 4-lane section with a raised landscaped median, varying in width 6 – 16 feet.
  • Other improvements include pavement resurfacing, landscaping, drainage system upgrades, stormwater management facilities, signage and pavement markings, intersection lighting and associated utility relocations.
  • All sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, driveway entrances and bicycle facilities will be ADA-compliant.

The SHA is researching existing Access Permits to a State Roadway for several businesses with more than one access point to US 1. The process of consolidating access points will involve meeting with property owners to discuss proposed improvements.

SHA will also soon start working on the undergrounding work located along US 1 – Lakeland Road to MD 430. It was funded for design – $300,000, but not funded for construction. It may cause overall delay in project delivery. SHA thinks it will be also challenging in the maintenance of traffic set-up.

Here is the tentative project schedule

  • Final Review (90% design) – Sept. 2014
  • Newsletters Sent – Nov. 2014
  • Undergrounding Design Start – Nov. 2014
  • ROW Acquisition Start – Nov./Dec. 2014
  • Progress Meeting – Dec. 2014
  • Environmental Re-evaluation – Jan. 2015
  • Production Ad – Nov. 2016