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SHA Plans to Build Sidewalk on Route 1 in North College Park

No side walk in sight - looking north on Route 1 near Beltway / Edgewood Rd

Representatives from SHA came to last Tuesday’s Council meeting to talk about sidewalk and pedestrian safety improvement of east side of Route 1 from Edgewood Road to Cherokee Street. The SHA plans to do the project in two phases. The first phase will cover the areas between Edgewood Road and Fox Street and the next phase will cover from Fox and Cherokee. The section of northbound US 1 from Cherokee Street to Fox Street is more challenging due to proposed retaining wall, and potential zoning ordinance issues to be handled as a separate project through a different funding source.

The SHA has identified two funding sources for this project that can potentially be used for this development. The funds will be shared across all State roads improvement, so the City will be approving a letter of support to SHA at tomorrow’s Council meeting to accelerate this development.

The North College Park Civic Association also approved a resolution at its last Thursday night’s meeting in support of this project.

As a condition to build the side walk, the City must indicate willingness to Maintain the sidewalk once it is constructed. The City will also help secure all necessary right-of-way or entry agreements to construct the sidewalk and provide public notice and opportunities for community involvement prior to construction of a sidewalk.


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  1. adelphi_sky

    How wide will the sidewalk be? I hope it will be wider than 4ft. I think a 6ft -wide sidewalk will be adequate and encourage more walkers as well as enhance safety. 3-4ft sidewalks on a major thoroughfare makes no sense. Those are usually found in residential neighborhoods.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi adelphi_sky,

    The feasibility study that the SHA did was about constructing a 5′ concrete sidewalk. Also one of the funding sources (Fund 33) requires to upgrade existing pedestrian facilities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines including SHA Accessibility Policy and Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities along State Highways. Hope this answers your questions.


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