The SHA has responded to a request about a pedestrian facility along west side of US 1 between Cherry Hill Road and Edgewood Road/Ramp from Inner Loop.

Today, there is no pedestrian crossing on the west leg of Cherry Hill Road or across the ramp from Inner Loop (missing pedestrian signals). Some sidewalk links are missing too within this section.

These pedestrian improvements have been approved for design but the project was not initiated in the hope of combining it with the US 1 at I-495/Edgewood Road interchange modification project.

Given that the interchange modification project has at least a five year timeline for design and construction, the SHA has revisited our approach. The SHA has initiated the design to modify the signals at Cherry Hill Road and at Edgewood Road/Ramp from inner loop, which they hope to complete this year and construction by mid 2017.

There is a downside of this approach. The improvement projects at US 1/Edgewood Road project will (possibly) have to be modified again (in at least three years time) to accommodate the interchange improvements. The SHA is saying they are happy to accommodate this as it improves pedestrian safety both in the near-term and in the long-term.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

[Source: SHA Communication with College Park]