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SHA Looking to Improve Westbound MD 193 and Rhode Island Avenue Intersection

Rhode Island and 193

A Couple of you raised concerns about the traffic at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and University Boulevard / MD 193. The concern is about the increasingly dangerous misuse of the west bound right-turn only lane at the intersection.

The westbound 193 at this intersection has four lanes. One to solely turn left on southbound Rhode Island. Two as thru-lanes headed west on 193 (toward campus, Baltimore Avenue and Adelphi Road) and one that is marked and supposedly to be used only to turn right on Rhode Island Avenue heading north. Please see the photo above.

Many residents use this intersection multiple times a week. Unfortunately, more and more motorists dangerously using the right turn-only lane as a high-speed passing or thru lane (as marked with the red arrow in the picture), disregarding the clearly marked right turn only signs before the intersection. These motorists frequently use this lane to either speed past traffic to later merge on westbound 193 or as an extended, 60+ mph ramp for northbound Baltimore Avenue. For cars merging from southbound Rhode Island Avenue into westbound 193, these errant motorists present a major hazard and a potentially deadly situation.

A number of residents have experienced nearly hit in our vehicles at this intersection a number of times.

After checking with the SHA (State Highway administration), we found that they are working on a traffic safety project that was initiated back in 2011. The project will extend the southbound Rhode Island Ave median further into MD193, preventing MD193 west bound right – only traffic to turn left and merge on the road. Please see below a preliminary design we obtained from the SHA.

As it stands now they have not secured funding past preliminary engineering. Final Review will be scheduled in September of this year.” The estimated cost is around $2,000,000.We’ve asked the SHA to come to the community and the City Council meeting soon to get residents’ feedback, sometime this summer. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.


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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    Good. There’s no good enough reason I see for the right lane on westbound University Blvd to essentially continue through the intersection. The only use I see it having is for left-turning cars from north-bound Rhode Island Avenue. It’s not worth it for that.

    Meanwhile, I recall the US-1 Sector Plan rethinking the US-1/University Blvd interchange. It discusses a diamond interchange there, which I think is a great idea. It would allow some land to be re-purposed. Though it’s been 7 years since the sector plan was written, I’m sure that interchange idea is still many years off from being realized. But it’s worth noting the interchange is just a quarter mile to the west and would also involve the SHA.

  2. Pat

    Sounds good. I’ve noticed this problem for years.

    How much would it cost for them to put some bollards out to extend the median in the meantime?

  3. Fazlul Kabir

    Pat. Good idea on the interim solution. I’ll ask.

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