County Councilman Dernoga’s office has released a list of fantastic resources on how to get scholarships. Please see that below:

This is a busy time for students who have completed the college application process and now must decide which school to attend. Having put two children through college, I understand the anxiety that might come with making financial decisions about how to pay for education beyond high school.

Looking ahead and thinking about the needs of your young student, consider resourceful college savings accounts with Maryland 529 through the State of Maryland.

If your student is preparing to attend college in the fall, a comprehensive list of grants and scholarship opportunities is provided below. I hope you and your family will find the information useful.

Our students have access to additional financial aid, up to $5,000, through the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship Program, which is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The program is open to applicants who graduated from a Maryland high school or General Educational Diploma (GED) recipient who is planning to enroll, or is currently enrolled, at a Maryland community college as a candidate in:

  • a credit-bearing vocational certificate;
  • a credit-bearing certificate;
  • an associate degree program;
  • a sequence of credit or non-credit courses that leads to licensure or certification; or
  • a registered apprenticeship program.

To learn how to apply for a Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship, click here.

State and Local Scholarship Opportunities

There are many state and local scholarships available to Prince George’s County students. The Prince George’s County Public School System provides a comprehensive list of scholarships available here. Additionally, the Maryland Higher Education Commission maintains a list of scholarships from programs and grants across the state, click here to review the list. The Prince George’s County Community College also has a list of scholarships for first-time and returning students here.

Other scholarships are available from our State Senators and Delegates. Please click here to find your representative.

More scholarships and programs are available through the state.

Other helpful scholarship databases including the following:

Interested in Trade School? Click here to learn how to apply for Skilled Trade School through the Prince George’s County Community College. See below for scholarships for high school students and adults, and information about applying to be a firefighter.