Many of our residents complained about extremely loud noise caused by modified exhaust systems on our roadways. For many residents, this has become a quality of life and a health issue. The City has paid police overtime to address the problem, and despite numerous citations, the problem persists. The City has also posted several signs on our roadways reminding motorists against such practices. It has become apparent that the current enforcement is insufficient to convince certain car owners to cease.

Senate Bill SB-229 will allow a city or a county in the State of Maryland to add noise-abatement monitoring systems (otherwise “noise camera’) in their respective jurisdiction. Similar measures are in place elsewhere in the country, especially in New York, California and Knoxville.

You can read more about the bill here. A Public hearing about the bill will take place this Wednesday, February 8th at 1 pm. Witness signups will take place online tomorrow. Please read here how you may sign up to speak or send written testimony at the hearing.

Update[2/7/2023] Here is the link for the witness signup: Once you are on the page, please select “Judicial Proceedings” in the “Committee” dropdown. You will see an item for the SB229 bill. After filling in the fields, please click the “Save” button on the top. You may need to create a one-time MyMGA account if you do not have one. The system will ask you to do that when you click the link above.  We have until 3 pm today to signup for tomorrow’s hearing.