Starting tomorrow, March 23 and 24, the MoM’s store in north College will host local environmental groups, staffing tables with information, activities, and examples of the consequences of using pesticides and fertilizers to grow the perfect lawn.

At the event, the store will offer alternatives that have less impact on the environment. I spoke the MoM’s manager today and found they will offer what other stores will be offering, including children’s activities. Some stores will have beekeepers with hives as well.

According to MoM’s website, MoM’s launched its Save the Dandelions campaign back in 2014 to raise awareness around the damaging and lasting effects that toxic lawn chemicals have on our environment, pollinators, and health. Every year, Americans use 33,500 tons of pesticides and 3 million tons of fertilizers on their lawns. However, lawn care chemicals don’t just stay on lawns–they end up in our waterways and airways, are ingested by wildlife, and ultimately damage our ecosystem and personal health.

(Photo: courtesy of MOM’s Organic Market, Source: MoM’s website, WTop)