Safety Ambassadors paroling streets to deter crime in Pennsylvania

Like other college towns, such as Pennsylvania, safety ambassadors may provide a cost effective way to deter crime in College Park.

Prospect of having safety ambassadors in College Park is one of a few ways to improve the public safety for our residents. Other options under considerations include extending concurrent jurisdiction area of the University of Maryland Police and extending student code of conducts for UMD students living in College Park’s residential neighborhoods.

Safety ambassadors are not sworn-in officers and they do not carry guns and also cannot arrest criminals. However their presence in our residential neighborhood will greatly act as a deterrent to criminals, experts think. You can read here at the guidelines on having a gun legally.

Such seems to be the case in University of Pennsylvania and its surrounding neighborhoods, where the program first started back in 1996. The safety ambassadors can provide escort service to residents in need. Once a call is made, the caller needs only give his or her first name, current location and final destination and a UCD security ambassador will meet them to escort them to their destination within five or ten minutes.

Another way someone in the University City area can receive an escort is to stop any member of the UCD security team and ask to be escorted. They escort some 500 people a month now, up from 350 when he first started a year ago.

The ambassador program can be very inexpensive, as the hourly compensation for these ambassadors is fairly small. The relatively low cost and their higher viability in our neighborhoods will make the ambassador program a good candidate in improving public safety in College Park.