The following is an update on the construction of Route 1 (Baltimore Ave), south of MD 193 in College Park.

This project is 41 percent and is in multiple construction phases.

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) has initiated the US 1 (Baltimore Avenue) from College Avenue to MD 193 (University Boulevard) project. Currently, US 1 between College Avenue and Lakeland Road is a four-lane divided roadway with a raised median and no shoulders. US 1 between Lakeland Road and MD 193 is a five-lane undivided roadway with double left-turn lanes and no shoulders. The existing sidewalk along US 1 is not continuous, but it will still keep pedestrians from walking on the street for a long stretch. However, they will still continue to work on the sidewalk and making it even longer for those who need to walk a long trajectory.

During construction, US 1 will be widened to provide a four-lane roadway consisting of 11-foot wide through lanes and 10-foot wide outside auxiliary lanes, which transition to turns at each intersection. There will also be a five-foot wide bicycle lane and a raised median with varying widths between two feet and 16 feet. Sidewalks compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) will be provided along both sides of US 1 throughout the project limits. Other improvements include resurfacing, landscaping, drainage system upgrades, stormwater management facilities, new signage and markings done by a pavement marking service, pedestrian lighting, intersection lighting and utility relocation work. All this will be blocked off to the public with Concrete Barriers, as scaffolding work will begin with the help of scaffolding rental services.

The City Council sent a letter last year to the MDOT SHA asking them to accelerate the project. Please see the letter below.