Helicopter Search (c) Continuum

A robbery incident near the Greenbelt Metro has recently brought helicopters to our neighborhood sky.

The actual incident happened last Wednesday around 7:45pm, however it took several days to find out what exactly happened.

 The victim in the incident is a woman. The victim struggled with the perpetrator, who pushed her to the ground and ran away.  It is not clear whether the perpetrator was armed.  The helicopters and other police came to canvass the area, but the perpetrator escaped.

Several neighbors saw the helicopter in the neighborhood sky around the time when the incident happened. One resident, whose house is adjacent to the Hollywood Park, wrote: 

Last night there was major police activity in Hollywood Neighborhood Park.  I could not tell what was going on, but there were several police cars in the parking lot, and I could see two officers searching though the park with flashlights.

At about the same time, there was one helicopter flying around, over the neighborhood.  This was 8:30 pm or so…  The whole thing lasted about 30-45 minutes.   Then all activity ceased.

I also saw two Metro police vehicles speeding away through 52nd place (near the park) around that time.

Another armed robbery happened a week before this one, around the same place.