Road Resurfacing of Daniels Park

Our City engineer is advising that beginning on Wednesday July 12th M T Laney, WSSC’s resurfacing contractor will begin working in the City on all the affected streets as shown on the attached map. They are NOT ALL going to be worked on at the same time.

The order of construction activities is as follows:
The contractor will post NO PARKING signs at least 48 hours prior to beginning his work on the affected street. The contractor will post other streets in advance of his work so to keep the affected residents aware of the forth coming work.
· The first activity the contractor will perform is milling of the street surfaces.
· The second activity the contractor will perform, after all the streets are milled, is the resurfacing of the roads.
· The third activity the contractor will perform will be the re-installation of removed speed humps.
· The fourth and final activity will be the restriping of the Stop bars.

The first street to be milled is Huron Street. The Contractor is proposing to perform his work from the south to the north. Huron Street will be posted on Monday June 10th

Also, Please be advised that the schedule WILL be affected by many factors out of our contractor, like weather, mechanical break downs, traffic back-up, etc.. The contractor will do his best to keep the area clean, accommodate any urgent residents needs, and keep to our schedule.

This is the Happy Ending of our long and drawn out saga of construction activity in our Daniels Park neighborhood.


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