[The following message came from City Engineer Steve Halpern. Even if you do not live on the affected streets, you could experience some traffic issues around these streets, especially near the Metro entrance at 53rd Ave / Lackawanna Street]
On or about  MONDAY JULY 9th  NZI Construction Inc., working for the City, will  begin milling and resurfacing the following streets:
Davis Hall Driveway
53rd Avenue between Edgewood Road and Lackawanna Street

Blackfoot Place – between Rhode Island Avenue and 51st Avenue

Emergency No Parking Signs will be posted by the contractor 48 hours prior to construction beginning.
In Permitted Parking Areas, Parking restrictions will be eased for the duration of the construction activities.
We expect the entire project will be completed by the end of August if not sooner.
Everybody residing along all of these streets will be inconvenienced during the construction.
Green door hanger notifications are hand delivered to the affected properties along Blackfoot Place.  Door hangers will not be distributed on 53rd Avenue.
Please see the map of the streets that will be milled and resurfaced for your use.
If you have any questions please contact:  
Steven E. Halpern, P.E.
City Engineer
City of College Park
9217 51st Avenue
College Park, Md 20740
(w) 240-487-3597
(F)  301-474-0825
Cell 240-508-7958