Rhode Island / Edgewood Traffic Signal Issues

Traffic light at Edgewood / Rhode Island

It appears that the traffic signals at the Edgewood and Rhode Island have started malfunctioning.

It was first reported to me a few days ago by a resident who sat at the red light from 12:20am – 12:25am while there was NO traffic in either direction. She tried creeping the car forward to activate a switch with no luck. She then ended up turning and taking the long way and saw in the rear view that the light still remained stuck.

I then contacted County’s DPWT to take a look at this and also asked other residents to see if someone else had similar problems. Here are a few reports I received from four residents

  • Yes it doesn’t seem that the light is following any traffic pattern. Coming from Edgewood rd trying to cross towards 7 Eleven is long time for the red light and short for green. I think that the light is set with the assumption that it is more traffic on Rhode island – which it is but only at rush hour.
  • I have noticed on many occasions that while I’m approaching the traffic light and as my car enters the intersection, the traffic light turns yellow and before my car crosses the interaction, the light turns red. I’m afraid I’ve probably triggered the camera multiple times. We may want to review the timings and also look into increasing the length of time on the yellow light to allow few additional seconds to cross the interaction. This is for crossing Edgewood Road, not sure about Rhode Island.
  • I have also noticed this as I come home from work later. It seems to be a recent issue (maybe 2 or 3 weeks since it has been different), perhaps there is a malfunction in the lights. They used to switch much faster. I thought it was my imagination.
  • This happened to me too. Wait, wait, wait and waiting. I think that was on Saturday morning

The DPWT staff said they are looking into this issue. If you’ve experienced a similar issue, please let me know.

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