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Rhode Island Ave Protected Bike Lanes Construction to Start Soon

The City has been working with the community to finalize design plans to improve the bike lanes between Greenbelt Road and Muskogee Street on Rhode Island Avenue. The project team has prepared construction documents that include partial green lanes and the use of flex posts at intersections.

The plans also include new bus stops according to WMATA standards and minor intersection adjustments. At tomorrow’s meeting the Council will consider awarding a contract to construct the protected bike lanes.

As part of the design, the road’s speed limit is proposed to be lowered from 35mph to 30 mph. Lowering the speed limit can help make the road safer for bicyclists and motorists. There will most likely be a public hearing or some sort of public input process on the speed limit change.

Ownership and maintenance of Rhode Island Avenue have been transferred to the City from Prince George’s County. As part of this agreement, resurfacing and some roadway striping have been completed by the County. At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving a contract for the construction of the Rhode Island Avenue buffered bike lanes in the amount of $426,585.


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  1. Grant

    I support lowering the speed limit. It will make the road more bike and pedestrian friendly. Currently Rhode Island splits the north CP neighborhoods into two sides and crossing Rhode Island at a busy time can feel unsafe. It’s easy to walk on your side of the road, but if a destination (e.g. playground, post office) is on the other side of Rhode Island, I become more inclined to drive or just go somewhere else. The pedestrian flashing lights help and a lower speed limit would help more.

  2. Mike

    We need a protected bikelane. Only the expert bike riders will use bike lane that is not protected, and it will not get as much use as it should.

    A protected bikelane will make more community members feel safer in attempting to bike in this lane.

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