Architects from the Book Exchange development came to our last Tuesday’s Council meeting and presented the revised designs and presented the revised designs, please see them below. Figure 1 and 3 show both old and new designs, with the old one at the top left corner and the new one at bottom right.

The developer is offering to reduce the height to 3 stories on the Yale Avenue side and across from the sorority building, for the full 50 foot depth that the City had argued was minimally acceptable. This plan also includes a flat roof and eliminates the 2-story hip roof. Council asked for the revised floor plans at the meeting, The developer has also agreed to add more brick layers, especially at the lower part of the building to make it more compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood.

During the meeting, I asked for the revised floor plans at the meeting, unfortunately, the City has been informed that the plans are not available contrary to what the architect said in the meeting. The Council will discuss the design further and decide its position about this plan.