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Residents Won – Judge Throws out ‘Gerrymandered’ Map, Asks to Adopt Independent Commision Map

Circuit Court for Prince George’s County

Circuit Court for Prince George’s County

In a huge win for the County residents, today a County judge has ordered to “withdraw” the controversial redistricting map developed by the Prince George’s County Council.

The judge has also ordered to use the redistricting map developed by the independent commission.

The judge’s order says:

ORDERED that the redistricting plan prepared by the Commission and submitted to the Council on September 1, 2021, which became effective by operation of law under Section 305 of the Charter for Prince George’s County on November 30, 2021, shall be used for all purposes in acting upon or implementing the County’s redistricting plan.

Please see the complete version of the judge’s order below.

The County council introduced its own plan in October and adopted it by a resolution the following month on a 6-3 vote.

Councilmembers Jolene Ivey, Thom E. Dernoga and Dannielle M. Glaros opposed it.

The council’s plan drew huge criticism from community members. Residents said that the map clearly was designed to keep some candidates out of the council member race.

A group of county residents argued that the council had to pass a law (a bill), and not a resolution, in order to adopt its own plan over one provided by an independent redistricting commission.

The plan was challenged after the county council passed its own redistricting map by simple resolution instead of treating it as a law.

A Circuit Court judge ruled in favor of the residents back in late January. The judge’s decision was immediately appealed. by the County lawyers.

Last week, the court heard arguments last week over the plan during the appeal hearing. The attorney for the residents argued that during last week’s argument that the council would have needed eight votes to override a veto from the county executive.


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  1. Mary Cook

    I was one of about 150 PG County residents who testified against the gerrymandered map. I, along with the others, waited 2.5 hours for my turn to speak. Was it worth it? Yes. Although I am not convinced anything changed because of our testimonies, but there are times you just have to speak out. We did!

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