At this week’s meeting, the Council discussed several election-related matters with the Board of Election Supervisors.

Starting from this year’s City election in November, the Council wanted to make a couple of changes

(a) Early Voting: Early Voting is planned for the College Park Community Center on Sunday, October 27 from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The cost for Early Voting is primarily for staffing the poll. The estimated cost is $2,500.

(b) Stamp Union Poll: Adding a poll at Stamp Union will necessitate extra equipment and extra poll workers. There is no fee for the use of the space, but the City will pay for parking spaces for the poll workers and 4 additional spaces for voters. The estimated cost of adding a poll at Stamp Union is $10,600.

Residents will also be able to vote any of these three polling stations on the November polling date. Currently, District 1 and 4 residents can only vote at Davis Hall, and District 2 and 3 residents can vote at the City Hall.

( c )Additional Election Supervisor: The BOES has asked Council to consider adding an Election Supervisor when the new appointments are made in March. At this week’s meeting, a charter amendment could be introduced in Special Session. Election Supervisors are compensated. Adding a Supervisor is estimated to cost $360 in an election year.