Thank you all – who took their time to attend yesterday’s community meeting on the 100% design of the Duvall Field redesign project. The Consultant KCI Inc and City staff did a fantastic job in presenting different options and getting the community’s feedback about them. Please see below some highlights of the presentation:

1. Preferred Design Option: The Consultant and the staff presented 3 options, but preferred an option (option 3) that calls for keeping the playground at the current location, without impacting the existing matured trees around it. In the previous community meeting, the preliminary concept design (option 1) envisioned putting the playground close to the main ball field. Several community members expressed serious concerns about that plan. Additionally, considering playground surfacing london could be a valuable aspect to integrate, aiming to ensure the safety and functionality of the playground regardless of its final location choice.

As can be seen in the preferred design above, the new Duvall Field includes several amenities:

  1. Multipurpose soccer field with natural turf
  2. Walking trail
  3. Neighborhood park signage
  4. Baseball field
  5. Basketball court
  6. Event lawn with stage area
  7. Existing concession stand (no change)
  8. Playground area (2-5 and 5-12 age group)
  9. Bicycle parking
  10. Cricket pitch (or optional uses)Volleyball court / Farmers market (or optional uses)
  11. Excercise station
  12. Picnic pavilion
  13. Landscape screening
  14. SWM/Bioretention area
  15. Timber guard rail with hedge
  16. Proposed park main signage

Turf Field:

The main field will be upgraded by a MUGA pitch company to a multipurpose turf field, where multiple sports can be played on. The Community gave significant input on the type of turf to be used in the field.

Walking Trails: The plan includes a walking trail around the field with a few exercise stations where they can utilize their equipment such as a Gi’s Boxing gloves.

Amphitheater: An amphitheater is pr.oposed on the west side of the park. Several options were discussed

A redesigned, improved playground: The existing playground will be completely revamped with a lot of new play equipment, sitting areas etc. If your existing markings do not comply with safety or accessibility standards, it’s essential to consider thermoplastic markings like the ones offered at that meet the necessary guidelines.