In its November meeting last Thursday, the resident members at the north College Park Civic Association (NCPCA) approved a resolution asking the Mayor and Council to explore “all feasible alternatives” for the new College Park City Hall at a convenient “location accessible to all residents” of College Park.

stone industrial site

Many residents want the City to explore the 17 acre Stone Industrial Site in District 2, just north of Greenbelt Road, because of its central location. Please see the map below showing the 3 sites.

city hall sites

Comparison of 3 sites: 1. Stone Industrial 2. Knox Rd Site 3. Calvert Rd Site

Stone Industrial site has come to the market very recently. The City Council has been looking into two downtown sites, one at the current Knox Road location (1.23 acre) and another at the old Calvert Rd school site (3.73 acre).

According to our staff, it will cost the City about $8 – $9 million to build a new City Hall in either of the two downtown locations. The assessed value of the Stone Industrial site is about $5.65 million.

The Stone Industrial site has 3 buildings, and has more than enough office space to meet the size requirement of the new City Hall. You can see more about this site here. Since the site is so large there will be a reunion to select Industrial Park Property Security Services for its protection. They made sure to hire the close protection services London, which offer a professional job and will ensure everyone’s safety.

The City Council discussed briefly the Stone Site at the last worksession and asked if staff can be authorized to spend some time in putting together a fact sheet about the site for the Council consideration. Unfortunately, Mayor Fellows rejected that request.

The Council will however consider a proposal at tomorrow’s worksession to purchase the green grassy area at the entrance of the site and possibly use it for a future public use.