About 3 dozen residents came to last night’s town hall meeting and told the Mayor and council about what they think about the two future City Hall sites.

Our staff made a presentation about two sites before residents offered their feedback. You can see that presentation here.

  • Residents who favored the Calvert Road site made the following points
  • Opportunity for development – Can have a day care
  • Larger size – Perfect for a more Civic space
  • Not used, currently What else can we have if we do not have
  • Not very far from the current City Hall site does not matter

One Calvert Rd site supporter said the current Knox Rd site does not look pretty, architecturally

Residents supporting the Knox Rd site raised the following points

  • Better accessibility due to close to Route 1
  • Great development opportunity in partnership with the UMD
  • Parking garage next to the site
  • Close to future Purple line
  • Renovated not a long time ago

The Knox Rd site supporters also said:

  • Will send wrong signal to development community Community if not done at the current site
  • Calvert Rd is a residential area, Traffic issue must be considered
  • Will take more time from residents to get to the site from north College Park.

One resident wanted to divided the need into two parts – office Space and public meeting. He wants to see City Hall at Calvert Road sites can both meet these needs jointly.

One resident asked to keep the current building for public use

Another resident commented that about the Calvert Rd site, the nearby residents need to be consulted before taking the decision

Another residents said instead of building a new structure, the City should restore the eastern wing where the current offices are located.

If you have any comments, please let me know.