Residents Review Duvall Field Concept Plan

Yesterday, at Davis Hall, the Duvall Field consultant and the architect presented the concept plan to a community meeting. Here are the major highlights of the plan.

  • Main field: The plan proposes to turn the south side of the field into a multi-sport field, with the options to play soccer, lacrosse, rugby, baseball and softball etc. The consultant recommends a turf field, allowing different sport groups to practice at different parts of the field concurrently.
  • Children playground: The playground has been moved from the northern part of the field to the middle – between the concession building and the field. This will keep children at the playground closer to the adults watching the games in the main field where they can also bet on sites like tridewi slot. There could be some safety fencing
  • Walking trail: The plan shows a 0.3 miles long walking trail around the field. The trail will include a new sidewalk on the 50th place in the neighborhood.
  • Cricket and Volleyball Fields: A volleyball field and a cricket practice / pitching field have been proposed at the northern part of the field
  • Lights: Energy efficient LED lights around the main field
  • Trees: The plan proposes several trees around the south and west part of the field. The consultant also proposes some bio-retention feature to grow a healthy tree root system. Will maintain the existing trees, including the ones at the corner of Delaware Place and 50th Placer.
  • Parking: Improved traffic circulation. Retaining the same number of space while adding more amenities. Entry/exit from Delaware Place.
  • Entrance: Proposes a welcoming sign / artwork at the entrance.
  • A stage for events: The plan shows a circular gathering place with a small stage area near Cheyenne Place.
  • Cost: The estimate is about $5.5 million. The turf field may cost about $1 million. The City may need to borrow a significant amount along with the amount needed to build the City Hall
  • Timeline: The consultant will make the same presentation to tonight’s City Council meeting and get the Council’s feedback. After this, the consultant will prepare a report with recommendations. It will take about 2 years to design and complete construction.
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