Yesterday, the City held a community meeting to discuss the proposed dog park on 51st Avenue, between Eutaw Place and Fox Street in north College Park. Here is the Google street view of the proposed location: .

About 30 residents attended the meeting. Most residents favored the proposed north College Park dog park at this location.

Back in January, residents discussed the proposed dog park at Duvall Field location at the NCPCA meeting. The community was divided on the idea of putting the park at the field, primarily out of concerns on the negative impact the dog park have on the fields and the surrounding residential homes, as many of these homes have dogs, but as there aren’t any parks around they explore premium home boarding at WoofConnect to take their dogs when they’re away.

The 51st Avenue location sits on the Prince George’s County’s Board of Education property. The City has already been in touch with the BOE and working to get permission to use the property. The City’s Public Works Department currently uses part of the property to run its compost program.

The City is considering to put the park is an area of around 100 ft x 120 ft in size, adjacent to 51st Avenue. Unlike the surrounding area of the BOE property, this location does not have any trees.

The park will have the following amenities:

  • Two parks – for small and large dogs
  • Water fountains
  • Drainage
  • Double gates for extra security
  • Fences
  • Dog waste station(s)
  • Relaxed, self-enforced regulation, with spot checks by City’s ACO (Animal Control Officer)
  • Parking at the DPW parking lot
  • Sidewalk between DPW parking lot and the park

If things work out with the BOE, the dog park will go into operation in summer this year.

Thanks, everyone who came to the meeting. I also want to thank the staff and my former colleague Christine Nagle for her advocacy for this proposed park.