Early last week, several residents got a chance to see and give input about the latest design of the Hollywood Streetscape design.

The design team, comprised of the architecture firm Floura Teeter and Wallace Montgomery, has recently completed the 60% design of the project. The team now plans to take the design to the construction phase in the next few months (more on that below).

Please see below some of the highlights of the project.


East Parklet:
• Convert a vehicular oriented Road to a pedestrian-oriented Park
• incorporates custom signage Supporting the commercial District identity
• supports adjacent restaurants & retail
• incorporates a performance Stage

West Parklets:
• converts a vehicular road to a Pedestrian oriented park
• defines the core of the Commercial district
• create space for community Interaction & gathering
• direct connection to Youth & family services

Gateway Plaza
• gateway into the commercial district
• creates a hub at the intersection of multiple pedestrian networks
• traffic calming /visual cue to slow down

Intersection Improvements at Niagara Road
• Realign intersection to minimize Unsafe vehicle turning movements
• estimated cost $110,000


Pedestrian circulation West side of Rhode island avenue
Option 1:
• baseline design per 60% design
• barrier separated 6’ bike lane
• new variable width sidewalk
– 5’ width;
– 3’ width where restricted by
Existing retaining wall
– requires extension of retaining wall And utility pole relocation
Option 2:
• relocate curb to edge of travel lane
– requires relocation of storm drain
• new 8’ bike /pedestrian shared use path
• estimated cost change from baseline $30,000 increase
Option 3:
• barrier separated 6’ bike lane
• all pedestrian circulation directed to
East side of roadway
• no sidewalk between edgewood road And new bus stop
• estimated cost change from baseline: $150,000 decrease

Traffic Calming
Curb bumpouts
New Crosswalks
New Perennial plantings

Walking Trail

• Gateway Plaza & Muskogee Street Pedestrian Connection $200,000
• Rhode Island Avenue Bike Lanes, Streetscape, and Enhanced Bus Stops $475,000
• Parklets & Service Lane Improvements $1,200,000
• Edgewood Traffic Calming $35,000
• Niagara Road /Rhode Island Avenue Intersection Reconstruction $110,000
• Contingency $250,000
• Construction General Conditions, Erosion & Sediment Control, Maintenance of Traffic $330,000

What’s Next?

Present /Update City Council: January 2020
• Complete Construction Documents to 100% /Acquire Permits: May 2020
• Bid Process: August 2020 (3 months)
• Construction: September 2020 – September 2021 (1 year)