Prince George’s County is encouraging residents to get vaccinated who have not yet done so already, and encouraging parents to get their children five and older vaccinated as soon as possible. In addition, the County is encouraging residents who are already vaccinated to get a booster shot for added protection against COVID-19 and the new Omicron variant.

Studies cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that protection against the Omicron variant is up to 38 times higher when people get a booster shot. In addition, a booster shot can increase protection against feeling symptoms from Omicron by 75%.

All residents 16 and older are now eligible for a booster shot. Residents who received Pfizer or Moderna can get a booster shot six months after the second dose, and residents who received Johnson & Johnson can get a booster shot two months after the single-dose shot. Residents can find the nearest vaccine site at

The County is also encouraging residents to get tested if they are traveling for the holidays, if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if they have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.

The County is operating a free COVID-19 testing site at Bunker Hill Fire Station that is open Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The County also has a COVID-19 testing site locator, which can be accessed at

The County is urging residents to exercise caution with family gatherings this holiday season. Residents should use their best judgment and make the best decisions to protect their families, including considering a more intimate setting with vaccinated family and close friends.

Finally, residents are reminded to continue following the indoor mask mandate, wearing a mask when indoors at any public venue.