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Rent Control, East Campus and Public Safety at Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting

NCPCA - Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month, and thus the day for this month’s NCPCA meeting.

Here are a few highlights of tonight’s meeting:

Rent Control: After winning a long legal battle, the City will soon start enforcing rent control ordinances in its rental properties. The ordinances allow the landlords to charge rents only upto a certain limit, which can be found on City’s website. In the last November meeting, NCPCA member Kimberly James raised this concern that such ordinances discourage landlords to buy new rental properties. Members later adopted a motion to have a full scale discussion provided someone from the City level participates. That person on the City’s side will be district 2 council member Bob Catlin. I think it will be an interesting discussion.

East Campus Development: In the last meeting, members decided to send someone from NCPCA as a representative of the East Campus development steering committee. Later, president appointed member Adam Kushner as that representative. A week ago, the East Campus developer attended a town hall type public forum where many residents also joined. Adam Kushner will lead this discussion.

Public Safety: Our new District 1 Community police liaison officer POFC Jaron Black has recently started a weekly morning Coffee Club with local residents in College Park to discuss latest public safety related issues in our neighborhoods. While this has been a great initiative by Ofc Black, many residents have expressed concerns that the timing of the meeting is rather inconvenient for many working neighbors. Hopefully, those neighbors will find tonight’s presentation by Of. Black useful.

Detailed meeting agenda can be found at our website


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  1. Vicki Duvall Richards

    I was fascinated when I saw this book…..I too have a book much like this, only larger. Mine is written by both C. Raymond Burch and Charles R Davis Sr. It is titled “History and Development of the City of College park, Berwyn Heights, Greenbelt, and Adjacent Areas. by C. Raymond Burch The First Twenty Five Years of the City of College Park, Md. 1945-1970 by Charles R Davis Jr.
    It appears they both wrote books and then collaborated to put them together. This one has a lot more information in it. I’ve had this book in my family for years, tucked away in a cedar chest. My great grandfather was William A. Duvall, who was the first Mayor of College Park. I’m assuming this was his copy.
    it is a very interesting book and has quite a few facts in it about the building of the city.

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