Thank you all for your support in our effort to keep REI in College Park. Unfortunately, as some of you’ve already heard REI has confirmed that they’ll move to their new location in DC. They also haven’t renewed their lease with the shopping complex owner, the “Carrolton Enterprises”. Based on my conversation with the Carrolton, the rent wasn’t an issue in their decision.

The loss of REI may be a sad news for a lot of us, but this also gives us an opportunity to see some quality businesses moving to the vacant area. I want to thank everyone for the ideas of those potential businesses in this thread.

Thankfully, I learned today that there is a very strong possibility of a “quality” business moving to REI’s vacant spot. The potential business is now working with the lease terms etc. If the deal works out, the Carrollton will share more information with the community. This may happen as early as in the next month or two. I’ve also advised the Carrolton to come to our civic association to talk more about the situation in the shopping complex. We’ll keep you all posted once that’s confirmed.

Thanks again for your concerns and patience.