The City has been receiving reports from residents regarding vehicle repairs and sales on residential properties and streets in the city. Residents have expressed a variety of concerns, including significant non-resident vehicle repairs conducted by residents at their address or on adjacent streets. Additionally, there are instances of vehicle repair and preparation for sale by residents, who have purchased these vehicles at auctions and then stored them on their property or on the street. Frequently, these vehicles are found to have expired temporary tags or tags from other vehicles. As a response, the Mayor and City Council have requested a discussion regarding the regulation of these activities.

The Police, Parking, and Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for addressing these complaints. The Police impound vehicles with invalid tags and those without tags, while Parking Officers issue citations for vehicles parked illegally or inoperable on the streets. Code Enforcement Officers cite inoperable vehicles found off the streets but on private property.

County zoning regulations prohibit personal vehicle repair and maintenance on residential properties zoned RSF-65. City Code Enforcement Officers are authorized to enforce these county zoning regulations.

However, it’s worth noting that the zoning enforcement process tends to take longer than enforcing the City Code. The City Code currently has limited applicability for this kind of business operation in RSF zones (see 129-8, 184-5).

Council and the City Attorney have been asked to discuss the feasibility of adopting a City ordinance with a scope similar to that of the County zoning regulation. This ordinance would enable more expeditious citation and prohibition of this type of business in RSF-65 zones through the municipal infraction process. It is recommended that a maximum fine of $1,000 be imposed for each infraction.

The City Council will discuss possible code changes at this week’s Council meeting.