Starting next week, changes will occur to select areas of the refuse/recycling/yard trim collection routes in College Park. Public Works has gone door-to-door and left a doorhanger explaining the changes to those homes and businesses affected by the revised daily collection routes. Not all residents will be affected by this change. The changes are being made to some portions of the current Wednesday route ONLY.

The following areas are changing to MONDAY collection:

  • Autoville South neighborhood
  • Autoville North neighborhood
  • Cherry Hill neighborhood
  • East side of Rhode Island Ave from Branchville Rd to Geronimo St
  • 9400 block of Rhode Island Ave (east side only)
  • 9400 block of 50th Pl
  • 9400 block of 51st Ave

NOTE: If you put your carts out on Huron St, your collection day will remain Wednesday.

The following areas are changing to TUESDAY:

  • Sunnyside neighborhood
  • 5000 block of Edgewood Rd (EVEN NUMBERS ONLY – odd numbers remain on Wednesday)
  • 5000 & 5100 block of Nantucket Rd
  • 5000 block of Niagara Rd
  • 5000 block of Ontario Rd
  • 9900 & 10000 block of Rhode Island Ave
  • 9900 & 10000 block of 51st Ave

Please view the revised collection map to see if your collection day is changing. If you’re still unsure whether you will be affected by the change, or have any other questions, please call or email Public Works with your address: