City has placed a temporary drop-off container will be at the entrance to Public Works for Styrofoam recycling.
Bring in your holiday foam packaging to keep it out of the landfill.  The collection will continue until January 7, next year.

According to the Earth Day Network, we produce more than 14 million tons of polystyrene each year, with 25 billion Styrofoam cups being thrown away per year in the United States alone.

That’s a lot of Styrofoam, and unfortunately, there is a misguided and ongoing belief that Styrofoam cannot be recycled.

It is not only false that styrofoam can’t be recycled, but it also creates a dangerous narrative that robs Styrofoam recycling centers of their much-needed polystyrene recycling raw materials, instead of placing these materials into landfills where they can take many years to decompose.

[City of College Park,]