A few months back, I asked staff looking into the possibility of establishing a business recognition award that would be awarded to an outstanding College Park business on an annual basis.

The purpose of the program would be to highlight how the awarded business has positively impacted the College Park community (and thus serves as an example for other College Park businesses) and provide the awardee with a public relations opportunity to promote their business.

Business appreciation programs are widespread nationally and are administered by a variety of organizations, including Chambers of Commerce, non-profit groups, newspapers and cities of all sizes. While these programs are issue or attribute-based, many city’s programs are broad and simply honor businesses that they believe have positively contributed to their community in a meaningful way.

Staff is recommending that, at least at the onset, the College Park Business of the Year Award be broadly applicable in order to grow community and business buy-in and minimize staff time and resources. The program could grow in specificity and scope once credibility and reliability has been established.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will discuss the nomination process, eligibility, selection process and the award presentation.