Many residents asked questions about the recent tree work by the Pepco contractors in north College Park.

City staff met last Tuesday to discuss the work Pepco has been performing. According to staff, approximately 50 trees have been removed. The City and Pepco agreed on the removal of many trees for various reasons including line clearance, hollow trunks, disease, and trimming challenges that warranted removal of the entire tree. Many of the trees removed were on private property in addition to the City right of way.

In north College Park, Pepco worked on two feeders. Pepco provided us the maps for the tree work here for feeder 14821 and here for feeder 14822.

Tree removals are shown on the plan as yellow triangles. The green line indicates planned trimming with no branch overhang due to the high voltage of the line. The yellow line indicates planned trimming where branch overhang can remain due to the lower voltage line. Green checked-hash identifies brush undergrowth clearance.

Pepco received signed approval from property owners to remove trees from private property. Pepco said they’ve finished removal and/or trimming now. Cleanup crews and stump removal will follow shortly.

We’ve been told that going forward, the City will work more closely with Pepco in order to communicate to our residents what type of work is being performed in neighborhoods. The City utilized various communication tools such as the City’s website and social media, the Municipal Scene and the Weekly Bulletin to inform residents that Pepco would be performing work in City neighborhoods, but neither Pepco nor the City clarified the timeline or type of work being performed. In fact, the City was not informed by Pepco that Pepco would be performing work last week.

The City has requested that Pepco provide at least two weeks notice prior to work commencing so that the City may provide an improved timeline and detailed information to our residents through current and expanded communication tools direct mailings, door hangers, Nextdoor, and civic association listservs.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you’ve further questions. Thank you!