Recently, I was asked about Pepco’s tree work in our area, especially around the 49th ave and Erie street intersection. Several trees were removed and the question was if some of the trees could be trimmed instead of removed.

According to our staff, here is the removal breakdown:

  • 6 dead trees were removed
  • 4 – 12”+ diameter breast high (dbh) trees were approved for removal since they had been previously topped for line clearance & would have been severely pruned again.
  • 2 larger size trees were refused for removal, one 18” dbh Willow Oak & one 30” dbh Sweet Gum
  • 24 trees were small size, under 6” dbh that included 15 Sweet Gum, 1 Maple, 5 Oak, 1 Nyssa, 1 Bradford Pear, 1 Elm Sweet Gum, Maple & Bradford Pear are tree species that line clearance work targets since they cause significant problems for the utility.

All right-of-way trees were growing under the overhead power line contributing to potential reliability issues. Several trees on private property were approved for removal by the property owner.

Replacement trees are being provided for these removed trees. If you’ve further questions, please let me know.