Hollywood Farmers Market will not only be a place to buy your fruits, vegetables and crafts, but it will also be a place to meet your neighbors, check out some of their work at the tables and see what your community groups can offer to you. You will meet our very own local produce and craft vendors, who live right here in north College Park. You will also get to meet community groups, sponsoring businesses and law enforcement agencies who will come and talk about their programs.

Due to our busy schedule, we often don’t get time to meet our neighbors. Let’s make the Hollywood Farmer’s Market our weekly Community gathering place. We can only expect our market to strengthen the social fabric of our community.

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market start this Saturday, June 1, from 8 am-noon at the Hollywood Shopping Center near REI. More information is available at http://www.hollywoodmarket.org/

We hope to see you there!