NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

Tomorrow is the second Thursday of the month and thus is the day of the monthly regular NCPCA meeting. Here is a quick summary of what will be on tomorrow’s meeting agenda.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be dominated by a few potential railroad development in the area. NCPCA president Mark Shroder has put this nicely here in this ‘I hear that train a-comin’ article.

  • Sharon Daboin of CSX Railroad will be at the meeting to discuss the proposed Beltsville train-to-rail facility, that will allow the transfer of freight trailers and containers between trains and trucks. Area’s residents say the proposed plan could have a significant impact on traffic and the environment in Beltsville, Berwyn Heights, College Park, Calverton, Laurel, Vansville and other surrounding communities in MD.
  • John Hovatter of MARC Train Services and NCP  resident Dave Johnson will provide an update on the MARC Train Service, specifically the Camden Line and planned improvements as it relates to our community.
  • Charlie Scott of WMATA will also be at the meeting to talk about the Metro Test Track in North College Park between the Greenbelt and College Park Metro stations.  Currently, WMATA tests new and rehabilitated rail cars on existing “revenue” track, which sometimes interferes with the regular operation of the Metro or has to be done at night.  WMATA did an analysis of the track areas, and found that the only place where it has sufficient right-of-way to install a third “test” is the area between College Park and Greenbelt.  The proposed track would be built alongside the existing track between the existing track and the CSX rail.  Construction is to begin in Spring of 2012 and be completed by late summer 2013.  I have some questions for WMATA about the impact that the construction will have on our neighborhoods.

As usual, the meeting will be held at Davis Hall, at 7:30 pm. If you’re already a member, please note that your 2010-2011 membership will expire next month, so please renew your membership at the meeting.

See you all tomorrow.